"Holocaust jokes" Do you really think it’s funny ??

Today I decided to go on the “Jews” tag, and found myself drowning in “Holocaust jokes” posts. Having a grandfather who personally endured the horrors of the holocaust, I want to let you know that IT’S NOT FUNNY. It is an insult to those who died. Jokes about “pizza and ovens” are extremely inappropriate. Real people have been burned to death, and the way you remember them is by making jokes about the way they died ?? Have you no respect that you will joke and laugh about moments in which people cried and begged for their lives ? 

It’s time for you to grow up and realize that it’s not only offensive, but extremely disgusting and disrespectful. Show a bit of respect for those who lost their lives, because they were different, it’s the least you could do. 

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Posted on Tuesday, 21 August
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