Iranian Jewish men pray at the Youssef Abad synagogue in Tehran

oxygenandglitter asked:
Why do you write God as G-d?

Hey there!

In Judaism we believe that words have lots of power, therefore we are careful with G-d’s name, in order to avoid erasing it. It’s just being sensitive about something that matters.

Peace & love.

beinggucci asked:
You support a country which kills civilians , women children literally what morally correct person supports a country who thrives off the death of innocent people

I don’t know what person supports that, because thats really awful, but I think you sent this to the wrong person, because I don’t support Syria, Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa, Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Venezuela, The Congo, North Korea,  Pakistan, Honduras and the list goes on but I have hummus I need to get too. 


waterkid72 asked:
Don't let the hate messages make you feel down. Instead let us pray for the peace in Israel and the innocent people in Gaza. I'm hopeful soon there will be peace.

Amen to that brother!

Thanks for the message and I pray for peace as well.

Peace & love <3


Robin Williams and the Jewish Problem

There’s this old joke about a teacher assigning her students with the task of writing about elephants. The French child wrote about the love life of elephants, or some such thing. The Italian wrote of what elephants ate - all stereotypical responses. As for the Jewish child, he wrote, “The Elephant and the Jewish Problem.”

I don’t know why I thought of that - maybe I’m looking for a smile.

I heard that Robin Williams had died on the way into work this morning….they discussed his talents, his movies. Said he had three children.

And then the inevitable conversation, “I heard he was Jewish,” said one newscaster.

"No, his wife is Jewish," responded the Hollywood-based reporter.

"So, his children are Jewish," said the first.

"No, he was married three times. His current wife is Jewish; his children are from a previous marriage. But he was a mentsch [a good person]."

Maybe that sums up so much - he was a mentsch in a world where there are so few. He was so much a part of my growing up…so many movies, so many smiles. I always thought he was the most human of men, the smartest, the best.

He never struck me, as George Clooney did, as full of himself but rather full of talent. He made America laugh - better I can say of few men.

May his memory be blessed and may whatever tormented him in life, leave him alone in death. May his family be comforted - few live as full a life as he did. He gave great meaning to so many roles, each a message for all of us.


Lisa Daftari To Anti-Israel Celebrities: Stay Quiet

Lisa Daftari of FoxNews blasted celebrities for condemning Israel for “genocide” even though they are clueless with regards to the facts and the real global calamities occurring every day. 

Here’s the transcript of the first minute:

Over the last month, as world attention has focused on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, terror group ISIS has had free reign in Iraq… killing thousands, ethnically cleansing the country of its Christian and Yazidi communities, while raping and abducting their young girls. 

But these headlines are insignificant for the likes of Penelope Cruz and her husband, Javier Bardem, along with many other celebrities, singers and directors, who were quick to condemn Israel for “genocide” while bringing attention to the vast difference in casualties. 64 for Israel, and over 1,800 for the Palestinians.

But do these two numbers tell the whole story? Do they describe the way in which Hamas uses Palestinian children as shields or hide their operatives and weapons in schools and civilian areas hoping to increase the death toll? Do they tell the story of how many Palestinians themselves now condemn Hamas?

They don’t. And here’s the advice for celebrities using their stardom and platforms to make a political statement: If you don’t know the facts, stay quiet. Otherwise, use your voice to address real global calamities.

Daftari continued to wonder where the celebrity outrage is when human rights violations occur in Syria, Afganistan and the Sudan. 

"Will it take another 9/11 for the world to realize that the threat of extremism is not just directed as Israel?" she asked. "But it seeks to destroy all of us. Christian, Jew, Kurdish, man, woman, free thinker."

anthropologiststudy asked:
I don't hate Jews, I hate Zionists. I hate the soldiers who murder children while they sleep and the settlers who watch the bombing of Gaza and cheer. I hate that, and while I usually keep this inside.. Israel doesn't exist, it belongs to the Palestinian people. If you were born there, consider yourself a Palestinian if not.. Then you still shouldn't have right to the lands. Not under the laws now. I have more to say..

" I don’t hate Jews, I hate Zionists" , typical argument from Pro- Palestinians , but if thats so, why do they burn down synagogues and break Jewish business and supermarkets and/or have Nazis signs with "death to the Jews" smothered all over them at pro - Palestinian rallies ? You see I think thats the difference between you and me. I don’t hate Palestinians and I don’t even hate Hamas, even if the latter are terrorists and have as they’re only goal to kill my people (Check their charter). Hate is a terrible thing and we should not be putting that in the world. Just because you don’t agree with the politics in Israel doesn’t mean you gotta hate. 

"The soldiers who murder….": Do you honestly believe that the IDF intentionally targets children? They target TERRORISTS and the reason why lots of children have died is because almost half of the population in gaza are children and they are being used as human shields, while the terrorists hide and let these children be hit by the retaliation. I agree that it’s tragic that many children have died. It breaks my heart. And thats not for show. If these so called "militants" had any dignity or respect for their own people they wouldn’t put their children in danger by firing from highly populated areas or hide their weapons in schools or hospitals.But then again thats why they are terrorists. As for the people who cheer, it’s wrong and there is no excuse.  

"Israel doesn’t exist,it belongs to the palestinian people" now this is where you are really wrong. Israel has NEVER belonged to the "palestinians". It belonged to the British, and before that the Ottoman Empire and the list goes on. (Let me remind you that the ORIGINAL palestinians are Jews.) The Palestinians you talk about however never "had" Palestine. My people have roots to the land since thousands of years, so yes I do have rights to the land. 

You also write, “if you were born there (in Israel), consider yourself a Palestinian if not…” If not what? If not.. you should be murdered? Is this what you want, the genocide of the Israeli people? That is sickening. 

Let’s assume for a second that Palestinians did have some lands and that Palestinians did have to leave their lands when Israel was created in 1948. You should ask yourself: why did they leave their lands? If you open a history book, you will see that when the UN offered to divide the land for both people (one state for the Arabs living in the area and one state for the Jews living there), the Arabs REFUSED and all the countries around Israel (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon) waged WAR against the Jews hoping to kill all of them and drive them to the sea! But guess what, Israel WON the war. The ARABS LOST. Because of that, hundreds of thousands Arabs were displaced and became refugees… So who’s fault is it? Is it the fault of the Jews who DEFENDED themselves? Or is it the fault of the ARAB aggressors who started the war to kill all the Jews?  If the arabs states had not done that, we would have two states , one called Palestine and one called Israel. 

Moreover, do you realize that over half of Israel’s population today are Jews who fled from Arab countries in 1948 because they were persecuted for being JEWISH? These Jewish refugees had only one place to go, the only Jewish state on Earth that would accept them and protect them. These people did not want to leave their lands and their lives in those arabs countries, but guess what they were forced to move on and start life elsewhere, and they did take care of the destiny. This is what the Palestinians in Gaza should do, they should build a future for themselves in Gaza and stop buying and launching rockets on Israel and building terror tunnels. They deserve a better life and many of them hate Hamas because Hamas is the cause of so much suffering for them. Please take a book and learn the history! 

Peace & love.