nextone1 asked:
I hate your people and I have no connection with Arabs or Palestine. I'm a born and bread Scottish citizen and think your people have turned into the modern day Nazis. You disgust me.

Yay good for you! Want a cookie?

Oops! Unfortunately you can’t have one cause those are reserved to the good boys and girls who learn not to hate a specific people or nation, because as history has taught us, thats never a good idea. But i’m afraid you might not understand that reference since you seem to be quite confused about the Nazis and history in general.

Peace & Love.

P.s Nice icon.


Maccabeats: Home

Have you seen the latest from the Maccabeats? Filmed in  New York and in Israel, its a lovely  musical salute to the Jewish homeland, our homeland.

"Going home, to the place where I belong…"

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Heartbreaking: Thousands attending the levaya of Aron Sofer Z”L  in Jerusalem.

The kevura is scheduled to take place around 12:30 PM in the Eitz Chaim cemetery near Beit Shemesh, in the Lakewood Chelka.

BDS Victory Sees 900 Palestinians Out Of A Job



We would like to wish the folks of the BDS Movement a hearty congratulations on achieving what is definitely a well-deserved victory in the battle against the occupation.

Unfortunately I am referring to the occupation of the 900+ “West Bank” and “East” Jerusalem…