Heart Breaking Photos of Levaya

Wailing, Crying As Relatives Say Final Goodbyes To Israeli Soldiers Killed

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smellslikebeths-spirit asked:
Hey! I have a friend who'd like to understand what's going on in Israel, but I don't know HOW to explain because it's extremely long! So I was wondering if you can send me a link where it explains everything that's going on (preferably not a video) - mostly that all of the people where we live are pro-palestinian and anti-semite, I just want her to understand what's happening from the Israeli point of view!! Thank you so so much, much love <3


I’m so sorry for answering so late, it’s been hectic! 

I don’t know any articles that would explain everything on the top of my head, and although you asked for it to preferably not be a video thats what I have (x) 

You can refer to my other post about the current conflict here, or here to explain how israel came to exist. Also check out this post I answered from another question. 

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of anymore help, feel free to message me if you still need more help. 

Thanks for the message, sending much love  :)


I Stand With Israel!


heistheblackwizards asked:
I've seen a lot of "reports" that Israel is using gas weapons in Gaza. Is this true or is it more propaganda?


It’s pure Libel and Slander.

 Haaretz reported: 

Palestinian Health Ministry says reports that the IDF is using poison gas are false, and are meant to confuse civilians.

 (Confirmed here, and it was Gaza’s MOH, not the PA.)

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satansdeceiver asked:
Loves from Turkey, Israel ! I stand with you ! You do what you need to do, you do what we need but we can't do !


Thanks so much for standing for the truth & and for the sweet words. I really appreciate them. Means a great deal :)

Israel will do what it needs to defend itself and we will not apologize for surviving. 

Thanks again, lots of love and peace to you!

bloggin-kitty asked:
Don't listen to all the nasty things people have said to you. I approve of this blog and am a Jew who supports Israel too. Am Yisrael Chai!

Thank you so much!

And don’t worry the haters make me laugh. But I do appreciate the kind words. 

AM YISRAEL CHAI forever and always <3

Peace & Love :)

annabelle109 asked:
Hey, i am from Israel, from a city next to Gaza actually, i hear bombings and alerts all day and all night. I opened the 'israel' hashtag and saw only pro-palestine posts, and your blog came like a blessing, thank you so much for the great job!

Hello :)

Thank you so much for kind words, they are much appreciated. It saddens me how much lies are on the Israel tag and its really awful to  witness. Other pro-Israel blogs and myself are really trying to over come this, but sometimes lies travel quicker than truth, as history has taught us.

It also worries me to hear this! I hope you are staying safe and know that the whole nation of Israel and the Jewish people stand with you and pray for you. Although some of us may not live in Israel we have not forgotten you and we fight a very different battle to help Israel and the Jewish people abroad. Never lose hope, Peace will come G-d willing. Remember to keep strong and never let anyone bring you down, or make you feel bad or apologize for being Israeli.  

Sending lots of love, peace and prayers your way.

And always remember, AM YISRAEL CHAI!